words from a friend

I had a conversation with a woman yesterday who has, through interesting circumstances, become an unlikely friend. We were catching up and sharing news. As I was telling her about some things going on in my life, she gently stopped me mid-sentence.

“You just worry about being you. You don’t need to be anyone else.”

In her wisdom, she could instantly see right through what I was telling her and found the unspoken reason why I was saying it.

I’ve thought about her comment almost nonstop since our conversation, and I’m not quite sure where I’m headed with it. It seems to be leading me to a deeper soul-searching than simply the oft-reinforced, self-esteem-boosting cliche of “everyone’s special in their own way, and you’re strong and wonderful just being you, so celebrate yourself” that, while not necessarily a bad thing, is so prevalent in today’s culture.

I’m more and more grateful for this dear friend as I continue to ponder her words.

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