Virtual Cupcake Classic

This evening I participated in a virtual 5K called the Cupcake Classic. It was organized by Run with Jess, a great running blog. I decided to walk mine with a friend (although we did end up doing about one mile’s worth of running). The beach is just about 5K from my office, so that’s where we headed. It was beautiful outside, and we saw a rainbow out over the water. Rainbows and cupcakes, it doesn’t get much better than that.

I took this photo during the 5K. Beautiful!

Virtual races are fun. You sign up just like a regular race, but you run on your own, choose your own course, time yourself, and usually you have a time frame (like a week or a weekend) to get the race done. When you’re done, you report your time. Often you get a medal mailed to you or other goodies.

I like virtual races for several reasons. Although there isn’t the “course support” found at regular races, knowing that there is “online support” makes an ordinary run more exciting. There’s accountability to “go the distance” instead of making excuses to not run or stop early (I’m very guilty of doing both). Also, virtual races are often less expensive than regular races (the Cupcake Classic was free but medals and shirts were available for purchase –  I  bought a sparkly pink cupcake medal. What can I say? I like bling, especially cute bling).  If the race benefits a charity, most of the race fee goes to that charity because there are hardly any of the overhead costs that are normally associated with a race. Some races, including the Cupcake Classic, also have drawings for prizes and other perks.

I’ll look into more virtual races as my marathon training continues. They’re nice support for longer training runs and running feels even better if I can benefit a good cause and be a part of something bigger than just myself and my own run.

Sadly, I did not eat any cupcakes today. I’m doing my best to eat wisely, and although I do love eating cupcakes, for tonight I will be content with the one around my neck:

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