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I’m still relatively new to running, but I have always wanted to improve my slow pace. The way to do this, I’m told, is through speedwork. I’ve heard it isn’t fun, but it’s worth it. If you’re unfamiliar with speedwork, … Continue reading

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Labor Day Plans

This morning I decided to sign up for a race on Labor Day. Here’s the tshirt design: I can’t wait!

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Lightning Run

No, we weren’t lightning fast. It was a lightning run because we almost got hit by lightning. Four times. Bright, crackling, close by lightning. After the first scare we turned around but had 3 more our way back to our … Continue reading

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These are exciting times!

Getting new running shoes is such a happy day. Last week I ordered a new pair. Because my favorites have been upgraded to a new model, I was able to score a clearance pair of the old model for a … Continue reading

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A real blog?

I am attempting to start a blog. A real blog. I have my race day recap and photo site,, but I wanted to have a place to put a little more day-to-day info as I endeavor to love every mile…so … Continue reading

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